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Mandi and Fabián spoke after the game

AC Milan vs Real Betis

Aïssa Mandi.

Once the game against AC Milan (1-2) was finished, Aïssa Mandi and Fabián addressed the media.


Match analysis: “After the defeat yesterday we had to win against a difficult rival, a great Italian club. We did a good game from the first to the last minute. And, moreover, we won.”

Best player of the game award: “I felt good. It’s teamwork. When the team is well, I feel good in the team. The main thing is the victory. It was a great rival and a victory like this can’t be forgotten. We did a good job to win this game.”



Victory: “It’s good to win in preseason, especially against such a great rival. We did a great game and we took the victory.”

Great goal: “I hit it well and it went in. I’m happy for it but especially for the victory. Let’s hope the streak doesn’t end here and that I continue scoring in LaLiga.”

On Saturday, against FC Inter: “This week is for assimilating the concepts that the manager wants and that we can apply them at Camp Nou.”

Real Betis, LaLiga Ambassador: “It’s always nice to come here to play with LaLiga. We are happy to be here.”

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